Training Courses Available

Effective training in iESM processes is very important to enable their successful application on railway projects and for individuals to gain the developmental benefits being trained in a universal safety management approach.  Trainers all have experience of performing engineering safety management work on projects, they have practised what they teach and as a result can provide real life examples of what works and what does not work.  Our approved training organizations offer a variety of training courses but leading to an equivalent certificate. Typical training courses are shown below but each training provider may provide their own title.

iESM Executive Briefing:

For Directors and Senior Managers (who are accountable for safety-related decisions in their organizations) and therefore need an appreciation and awareness of iESM (two to three hours).

iESM Overview:

For people who need to be able to apply the iESM processes and review the work of others who apply them (one day) with exam and certificate.

iESM Practical Application:

Following on from the Overview course, a project-based exercise and case studies to gain hands-on experience of some of the techniques.

iESM Conversion / Refresher:

For those people who in the past have attended another ESM course e.g. 'Yellow Book' course and need to update their knowledge with emerging best practice or want to refresh their ESM knowledge.

Independent Assessment:

A more specialised course available from TPD for people who will be carrying out independent assessment and audit activities as part of providing safety assurance.  Attendees must have passed the Practitioner course and have some experience in the use of safety engineering on real projects.  This course won't instantly turn you into an Independent Assessment but it will give you an understanding of the process and its application and how when done effectively it helps produce a safer and better outcome for everyone.

Course Duration Examined Certification
Executive Briefing 2 or 3 hours No No
Overview 1 day Yes Yes
Conversion from YB(must have YB Certificate) 0.5 day Yes Yes
Practical 1 day (must follow Overview Course) Practical Yes
Independent Assessment 2 or 3 days(must have passed Overview/Refresher) Yes Yes